The new "Age Verification" directive for April 2019

The new "Age Verification" directive for April 2019 demands adult web sites to confirm the age of people in the UK before allowing them to browse their content. Much like the gambling sector which already must adhere to deliver age verification.

This has been enforced by the UK government and the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

The complication for adult sites is to select the best method to ensure the user is not removed from their site in the process, otherwise risk losing customers.

Due to Apples policy regarding adult content these websites are all web based. So an age verification tool most suitable should be web based to ensure users do not leave their browser to download a third party application to verify their age.

LEM Verify is best placed to offer this service; with one click from the companies site the user can open a web page pop up and confirm their identity online immediately. Providing the fastest method to prove a users age without needing to leave the web browser.

LEM Verify removes the hassle for the user by offering a web based video identity check before requesting a picture of their ID from their device. Both are then validated within seconds; allowing the user to view the content faster and without having to download any third party applications.

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