Compliance with FINMA in Switzerland

With recent changes by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) customers can be verified remotley and no longer need to visist a local branch for identity verification. Customers can now be onboarded at any time and a significanlty lower cost than previous video based interview procedures.

  • High-Quality Image Capture: A high quality image of the identity document is captured by our secure system for verification of identity documents through digital enhancement, computer vision filters and machine learning to identify tampering of data
  • MRZ Documents Only: Only high-quality images of the identity document containing an MRZ will be accepted by the system. The MRZ data is decrypted (checksums validated for integrity) and matched against the visual data on the document that is also compared to an official established government issued ID template.
  • Identity Document Security Features: At least 3 security features will be checked to determine existence on the submitted identity document image such as holograms, pressure elements, visual spill-effects, water marks, personal materials along with form related features such as layout, font style, size and spelling.
  • Data Extraction: The use of advanced computer vision techniques ensures high accuracy of data extraction through OCR and AI, backed by human review when required, to ensure accuracy.
  • Liveness Detection: Only liveness verifications (challenge-response methodology, head movement and voice detection, also backed by human review) are processed to ensure the individual is present during the course of the verification process.
  • Photo Matching: The image present in the document is compared to that of the face contained within the liveness verification to ensure the individual conducting the verification is the same individual as in the identity document image.

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