Glare Detection Improving Verification Rates

Unless you are a professional photographer the odds are you’re unable to take an award winning picture even with todays latest smart phone camera technology. When taking photos of identity documents for fraud analysis, the image has to be clear and without glare/shine on the document, so the security features can be identified by our machine learning system. Unfortunately, bad lighting conditions, motion blur and noise all play their part in producing inadequate photos.

Luckily LEM Verify has introduced Glare Detection Guidance (GDG) to assist your clients when taking identity document pictures. Enabling them to manage these negative effects themselves, so if there is too much light, reflection or glare spots detected then the user will be notified and advised accordingly, resulting in better pictures, which in turn increases the pass rate of verifications.

As with all of LEM Verify’s services, this is 100% web based, so your clients do not need to download an app - they can simply conduct the identity verification in their own time, on any web browser.

This is just one of the many ways LEM Verify can help you with our web based KYC/AML solutions.

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