Considering An Identity Solution?

We have just welcomed 2019; the world is moving faster, millennials are becoming older and more relevant in our business choices.

Enterprise companies like HSBC and Monza are paving the way, using a native app based solution to approach the “we want it now” mentality and reduce onboarding times.

So you have decided to look into whether an identity solution is right for you!

What you may not have considered, should you follow their method or achieve this through Web App; which is right for you?

LEM Verify offers a web app solution, which provides similar opportunity to a native app, with the benefit, that customers do not need to first download an application from an app store.

If you decide to go native be aware you will need to build an app for Apple (IOS) and also an Android version to serve your customers.

A web app enables you to start now and have more freedom by personalising the customer facing side without any technical knowledge required.

The cost difference is substantial as setting up is free and the LEM Verify web app offers a pay-as-you-go so you can manage your costs without the need to sign lengthy contracts or pay for technical installation.

Therefore for small to medium sized businesses this is an obvious choice.

We think for enterprise companies a native app based solution does offer some benefits too.

Here is generally what is different:

Firstly as explained you will require your own app in IOS and Android. An app verification solution company will offer an SDK to connect to native apps. This further requires technical work to connect and time is lost during this set up, circa 2-3months.

Secondly an SDK usually comes with a set up fee, annual contract and fees plus verification fees as companies recognise the “luxury item” so expect to pay more than a web app.

On the flip side, customers do enjoy using an app from companies they visit regularly; but unless your clients are going to use it, this will turn into a costly exercise as the ongoing technical maintenance requirements are substantial.

In conclusion, we feel it is an obvious choice, start now and pay less with LEM Verify.

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