5 reasons why LEM Verify needs to be part of your Business Plan for growth and increased profitability in 2020

From compliance and cost-effectiveness to productivity and profit, introducing the right verification services can make a genuine difference to your bottom line.

Growing any business means looking for opportunities to improve customer service whilst optimising profitability. But when it comes to putting the right security in place, that hasn’t always been easy to do. After all, procedures and processes have a habit of slowing progress rather than advancing it.
That’s where LEM Verify can help.

In order for your business to achieve scalability, you need to:

  • Find ways to entice more customers
  • Make the customer experience easier and more enjoyable to improve retention rates
  • Ensure that on-boarding customers is resource efficient

LEM Verify can help you meet your goals for growth by providing your clients with a quick and easy verification service. This means saving on potentially hefty costs by automating processes that would otherwise be resource and time intensive. By slashing administrative tasks, LEM Verify can help your company maintain compliance in a way that is not only quick but also much more convenient for your customers.

Compliance made easy

Data protection is a huge issue for today’s businesses, particularly since GDPR tightened things up in May 2018. Modern businesses simply cannot afford to be lax with KYC and AML procedures, with the threat of significant fines on the horizon for any business that fails to safeguard customer data. Yet, equally, it is important that remaining compliant doesn’t cost more time and effort than you can afford.

At LEM Verify, we have developed a solution that is able to make identity verification more reliable and rigorous without requiring customers to jump through laborious hoop after hoop. That means that you can focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that you are meeting all necessary regulations.

Protection against fraudulent activity

The financial and reputational damage caused by fraudulent activity can be catastrophic for a business. By implementing hassle-free AML checks with LEM Verify, however, it is impossible to vet customers effectively. Using the most advanced facial biometrics technology, customer can be matched to their approved government document easily and accurately.

Maintain customer satisfaction

The simple truth is that people are time poor and impatient in the 21st century. That means that any company implementing onerous and long-winded checks is unlikely to fare well when it comes to customer satisfaction. The advantage of LEM Verify as a solution is that it only requires your customers to produce one basic piece of identification in tandem with their chosen digital device – not files full of paperwork.

No app development necessary

Costly development work or app launches can put a sizeable hole in any organisation’s profit margins. But at LEM Verify we’ve made it possible to access the very best KYC and AML software without any technical costs or app development required. Our platform enables you to create a branded page from which you can send easy-to-follow links via email or SMS. Find out more

Enjoy freedom with a pay-as-you-go model

LEM Verify’s verification services are as flexible as they are reliable, with a range of pay-as-you-go packages to choose from starting at just £100 — no monthly contract needed. We even offer a free trial, so you can test out our services for yourself including KYC, AML, identity document verification and GDPR compliance.

Want help bolstering your business security and increasing profitability in your organisation? Get in touch with the LEM Verify team. Simply drop us an email today on support@lemverify.com and find out what we can do for you.