Redaction of Personally Identifiable Information

Article 5.1 (c) of the GDPR states “adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed (‘data minimisation’)”

Ensuring you are GDPR compliant is now even easier with the introduction of the LEM Verify Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Redaction (or data sanitisation) feature for identity verifcation and identity documents. This add-on feature allows you to only view and download the information required for your business process and stay within scope for legal basis and data minimisation as part of any GDPR compliance. Knowing what data you store ensures you are consistent with your GDPR Data Map and Privacy Policy.

For example, your client securely sends in their Passport as part of your KYC/AML procecures. As part of your internal compliance processing you may only require fields such as forename, surname, gender, place of birth and date of birth. By simply selecting the required fields within the LEM Verify system the verified documents and reports will only contain the required fields, ensuring compliance during all stages of verification and storage.

Before redaction After redaction
(Use the slider to see an example of a passport before and after redaction)

Depending on your use case, documents can be redacted through the LEM Verify web based workflow or directly through our API, where our technical sales team can advise on the best approach for your use case.

API and Batch Processing?

Your use case might simply be to redact documents you already hold on file, so that only the relevant information is retained on file. For example, your organisation only requires the forename, surname, gender, place of birth and date of birth to be retained on a document - by sending a document to the LEM Verify secure redaction API the system will return a clean redacted version of the document (as a cropped and de-skewed digital image) along with the required extracted fields processed by our intelligent OCR system. Our easy to implement secure API also allows for large volume batch processing for redaction, data sanitisation and validation.

Example Redaction of a Passport

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