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Censoring customer data through redaction to meet GDPR obligations

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Article 5.1 (c) of the GDPR states “adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed (‘data minimisation’)”

Ensuring you are GDPR compliant is now even easier with the LEMVerify Personal Identifiable Information Redaction feature.

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What does a redacted report look like?

To meet your internal compliance policies it may be necessary to only keep fields such as forename, nationality, gender, surname, gender and date of birth.

We also make it possible to remove the original un-redacted version of the report.

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How it works?

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    In the account settings, select the fields you want redacted i.e name, DOB and address.

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    Email or SMS

    Send a verification request to your new customer and allow them to verify themselves.

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    LEM Verify will process and attach TWO reports for review on the dashboard.

    A non redacted report for your compliance officer to asses and a redacted report for record keeping purposes.

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    The non redacted report will automatically delete within 7 days, whilst you download theredacted report.

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This add-on feature allows you to view and download the information required for your business process and stay within scope for data minimisation as part of any GDPR compliance.

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API and batch processing?

There may be times when you need to redact documents you already hold on file, so only relevant information is retained on file. By sending a document to the LEM Verify secure redaction API, the system will then return a clean redacted version of the document (as a cropped and de-skewed digital image) along with the required extracted fields processed by our intelligence OCR.

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Achieving GDPR Data Minimisation Compliance

This paper examines the data minimisation principle of the GDPR. It looks at what minimisation means and why it matters to data controllers and data processers. Specifically, it explains how GDPR compliance can be achieved through the redaction of unnecessary data. Redaction is the process of blocking extraneous data by either removing it or replacing it with a permanent and uneditablebox to mask the underlying material. LEM Verify offers a redaction service to help companies develop best practice in their processing of personal data.

We take security, privacy and GDPR very seriously

Data is securely collected, and encrypted in transit, through the LEM Verify system.

Processed data is securely stored (encrypted at rest) on the LEM Verify servers (Ireland EU region) for 7 days, as per the LEM Verify Terms ( and Privacy Policy (, where the data is permanently deleted from all of the LEM Verify systems after 7 days. Data (email address or telephone number) is retained for 30 days in the situation where a client doesn’t complete the requested verification requests as per the data privacy policy in the LEM Verify terms.

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